Before you want to stop doing what you do now, can i say something?

Talking about my entrepreneurial journey is not always rainbows and butterflies. Often, in fact, most of the times I feel like wherever I go, we always hit myself to walls. There’s no way getting in through. I am stuck. That’s exactly what I feel now. My creativity hits to the dead ends, no new ideas are coming. Have you ever felt the same way?

Enjoy the process they say, I do enjoy the process but sometimes my human-self wants to convert back to feel human. The one that able to feel frustrated. I have been committed and would love to keep doing so but there’s no more ideas coming out of my brain. What should I do? When the deadlines is right in front of my eyes, I feel handcuffed, unable to create.

So I kept pushing those walls. In hopes that my ordinary strength will eventually break those walls. Then I think again about the power of water drops. They are ordinary nor that we think have some supernatural power to break anything solid. Yet their persistence eventually break solid rock into halves.

No one is starting out right or strong yet the persistency and the intention of not giving up will be eventually paid off. You and I are not too late. We are in our own journey walking in our own pace. Fuck the world that always asks us to rush things, they don’t even know us.

For those who are in the midst of struggle and giving up, you hold the power to remain going or to stop. It’s completely up to you. You know your values, strength and weakness. But I want to tell you that the path you choose now is hard but it’s worth every sweat and tears. No one can do this better than you. Take a rest if you need one, it’s okay to feel not okay for the moment. Then when you recover, let the your strong-self to take over. She will take you to places you have never been before.

day 001

I keep asking myself a question, why do I want to do SloMo? No matter how hard it is to move forward, it is also harder to stop. I believe in its vision, I believe for better tourism, I believe that traveling is not merely just taking pictures and visiting beautiful places. Those are fantastic! But we have to keep in mind that every beautiful place and experience we get during our travels, it gets more complicated than just because the our tour guide showed it to us or because we discovered it. It involves the work of locals, hundreds of years of passed customs and cultures, colonialism, history, the wildlife evolution or natural events that happened thousands or millions of years ago. Travelers need to be more engage more when they travel.

I learn more when I am on the go than when I am sitting down. I analyze every aspects that my eyes capture and question its existence. That’s how I learn from the world as it is. Don’t get me wrong, resources like books and writings are incredible but I personally don’t agree with education system. Although it seems like its shifting into a more creative, problem solving and emotional intelligence focused, its main task is still to create a better WORK FORCE.

Another thing is I just want to work hard for my own dream, not anyone else’s. It sounds so easy though but I am too in my own mind prison. I love to hustle when I work. I am willing to take that extra steps and initiatives when I work for someone else but tend to do the opposite for my own dreams. Why so? I learnt (and I am also secretly denying) that I don’t want to be held accountable if something goes wrong with this. I told everyone about what I am doing and if failure happens I’ll be ‘embarrassed’. I think building SloMo and continue working for SloMo will be a great opportunity for me to learn and also break through the prison of my own mind.

It’s crazy how I realized all of this after I started my own thing (still in the starting phase). I guess every step of our live has its own story and impact. I hope I survive this journey. Wish me luck

PS: SloMo is a business that I am working on at the moment. It’s SloMo (Slow Movement) Travel Indonesia. So its focus is for ethical travel, experiential and educational tourism while still incorporating the conventional ‘must do’s.